10 Useful Business Intelligence Tools to Invest In For Your Small Business

For any business, whether it’s a start-up or an already up and running system, business intelligence or BI is extremely valuable. At the end of the day, all that a project needs is a success in terms of higher productivity and smooth operation. Business tools these days are creating reforms and intelligent solutions to problems and queries throughout the organization. They are necessary to create a harmonious platform where different departments work in complete synchronization with each other while increasing their profitability.

Business intelligence systems not only help from a sturdy bridge to fill in any gaps in an organization rather they also help in better decision making. They refer to all the available applications and technologies installed for better understanding and collection of data across the board. This not only means that the system would respond better, but it also implies that the implementation of procedures and the analysis and integration process would be spot on.

We’ve gathered 10 such powerful tools that not only deliver on their promise but are absolutely necessary for a business of any size.

1) GoodData for Business

This is a cloud-based software that not only works through analytics but also has the power of giving insightful information by analyzing the data for better management while giving is completely secured. It is easy to use and comes with tutorials and easy to understand descriptions which makes it possible for the user to implement it in lesser time. With the help of artificial intelligence, business analytics tools are now smarter than before, learning and making predictions while learning from their users. GoodData is doing just that and has the ability to then create automated improvements in data analytics.

2) Insightsquared

A business cannot be successful without the basic most understanding of the customers and their requirements. Any strategy that is based on anything else cannot stand the test of time. This is where Insightsquared steps in. Instead of wasting all the time on the analytics side of sales, a small start-up can actually start selling by implementing the Slates and Tiles technology provided by Insightsquared. It provides sales forecasting, analytics, development analytics and keeps a close eye on demand generation to boost sales.

3) Sisense

One of the best and the least pricey of all BIs is Sisense. It has the capacity to accumulate/gather the data from different sources and is an ideal tool for new start-ups and small companies. It also has an in-chip technology which basically means that every data process would be extremely fast in comparison to other systems. The quality of results is never compromised so the reliability factor makes Sisense the go-to ideal plus its perfectly user-friendly.

4) Domo

This is a totally customizable platform that is an all within one solution to any business problem. What it basically does is that it brings the customers, the users, all the data and the insights, connecting them together to generate an exact view of all the crucial happenings inside the organization while remaining user-friendly. The data is visually compiled and employees are always aware and in the loop.

5) Analance

What companies actually want is to make sure that whatever product they’re bringing to the market generates revenue while building long-term customer relationships. Better decisions can only be made in the presence of a system that can create and combine organizational as well as user data. Analance makes sure of that by giving one platform for managing and administering the business and to keep it all connected while being easy to use for beginners as well as data scientists. Data is strictly guided and is secure, creating greater compatibility between different departments within an organization.

6) SAS

Another very useful and insightful tool is SAS. It makes sure that the required information is readily accessible for the relevant people at the appropriate time. The connection between integrated data and the user is made stronger which not only helps with the easier administration but also paves a way between employees of different departments. The analysis provided is real-time and reporting is made easier, allowing new businesses to focus their attention on the development side.

7) Tableau

Easy to use and a very apt description, as well as visualization of data, are the strengths that come with Tableau. It can help with group analytics by furnishing such tools that can collate data efficiently. It also gives easier access to analyze the integrated data, better storage options; cloud, as well as the company’s own servers, are used. Pricing is also very reasonable and combining it with Comcast internet deals can help small businesses a lot. Then the automated update system means that you’re always ready for new market trends without facing unnecessary delays.

8) KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics provides its users with the flexibility of having complete focus on not only the people; that is the consumer, but it also tracks the shifting trends of the customers and provides insights into what they do or do not require. It helps with implementation and creation of effective and workable marketing strategies and marketing campaigns that can actually give results. So if you have some greens to invest in a system that takes the marketing side’s burden off of your shoulders, this intelligent system is just the thing for you.

9) Cyfe

Start-ups and small businesses can get immense benefits from Cyfe as it allows them to stay on a forever free plan which is nothing short of a miracle as the initial costs are always so high that quite a lot of new businesses wrap up in their first year. It helps by giving insightful analytics into all the data that is spread over SEO and SEMs. The consumers are also kept in the loop as the data is always viewable. The data for a certain product is easily summarized in reports through which the functionality of the product can be measured. It also keeps track of your company’s data is spread over different platforms, for example; Google analytics, different social media, and websites.

10) Similarweb Pro

And last but not least, the Similarweb Pro is another analytics tool that is quite useful when it comes to keeping the track of traffic on your websites, helping in creating fine strategies to generate and attract more traffic. A steadier flow means possible clientele and a heavy one automatically means more clients. Smaller businesses can get the free plan which will have all the basic features but prices plans are also available in case one can invest. Keywords are easily analyzed, reports are generated against traffic and it uses visual graphs for the user’s ease. Because it can analyze other ventures for you, Similarweb Pro gives the company the option of knowing in detail where anyone stands when going for mergers or acquisitions.

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