3 Easy Ways to Monitor Your Server Uptime and Website Performance

website uptime monitoring

Plugins and services are the last thing that comes to your mind when you think to start a blog. They monitor server uptime and your website performance. For starting a blog, you need to design a website, configure WordPress theme and plugins. Then, you’ll require drawing visitors.

If this is your first time to have a website, you may believe that your hosting provider will do everything like monitoring your site, and maintaining its performance. But, the fact is otherwise. Not all hosting providers are committed for 99% of your website uptime.

In the beginning, you may not face any issue. But, when the visitors start coming to your site and traffic increases, things will change. Your site may not suffice to open and then you may find that not everything is working as expected.

In that situation, you may need a third party website uptime monitoring tool to monitor server uptime and website performance. Here is the thing you need to know to ensure 99% website uptime and optimum performance.

Don’t bother

Don’t bother if your site down. Till now, everything is fine. Don’t do the mistakes of looking out for a person who can keep on refreshing your website to make sure whether it’s running or not normally. The person you choose may keep doing things manually to ensure whether your blog is performing at its best. It’s also advisable not to have over confidence. You can’t track everything all the time.

Don’t do much ado about nothing. Here are some of the most effective services and plugins that will help you monitor your server and ensure optimum site performance in WordPress.

Smart Monitor PRO

This is one of the premium versions of WordPress. It can help you do many things other than just keeping your eye of the online status of your server. It features to monitor your site uptime and enable you to regularly watch over NS and WHOIS records. With the help of it, you can also pick up malware in case a hacker tampered with your site. It will also allow you to check WordPress core files and the site content for any changes.

In any unusual happening with your site, the SmartMinotr PRO will alert you via emails, notifications, and even SMS messages. If someone does fraud by changing the NS records for your domain or the server, you will get to know about it immediately. You can also choose to react instantly and save your site.

Website Monitoring Tool

A website monitoring tool is the most effective, most reliable and cost effective option to check website uptime performance. These tools are available online – both free and paid. The benefits of using website monitoring tools are manifold. You can monitor your website and ensure if it is performing to its best performance nor not.

Usually, not every website runs regularly. They may go offline due to technical glitches. If it happens, your customer cannot find you online, thus you will spoil relationship and trust with your target audience.

With the help of a website monitoring tool, you can easily check downtime monitoring, SSL certificate, email blacklists, check Alexa position monitoring, website speed monitoring, NX and MX monitoring, and much more.

The best part with website motoring tools is that they are available online. You can easily find reliable and trusted one online. Just type in the search engine ‘website monitoring tool’ or website uptime performance tool, etc., you will get several free and paid tools. However, always choose one which is reliable and trusted.


Pingdom is among the most popular options to monitor server uptime. Just create your free account to let Pingdom watch your site and monitor it. This plugin is designed to test the website from more than 70 locations and make sure that everything is fine. If something goes wrong or seems non-functional, then you will receive an automated notification at your email from Pingdom. If you choose the paid version, you will also receive the notification via SMS.

With that in hand, you can be able to see detailed reports how you can improve uptime of your site. In case you are not online on your desktop, then you will receive valuable data, alerts, and statuses directly on your smartphone.


The bottom line is that if all you want is a website uptime monitoring tool that features to every now and then test your server from a few locations, you can find these tools for free online. On the other hand, if you want dig in deeper to get more options, acquire more accurate tests, and detailed stats and reports, then going for a premium plan from any of the services is worth it. So choose either of the option depending on your requirements.

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