3 Key Features to Find the Best E-Bike

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If you haven’t tried a bike, then it is the right time to go for one.  An e-bike offers whatever you expect from the e-bike.  But to find the one that meets your needs perfectly, there are many factors which you need to pay attention to:

1. Style

You can find an e-bike in almost every style and from a variety of companies, so there are bikes that are meant for the mountain, then there are hybrid ones, and the ones that are to be used on the road. The most common of them is the commuter and the cargo ones.  You can choose a bike depending on the preferred body positioning, terrain quality, and the weight that you may carry.

2. Motors

The electric bike motor in an e-bike varies in location, type, and the wattage and the weight. It affects how fast you can ride and for how long.  The type of motor and the battery you need depends on the duration for which you need the bike and the elevation as well.  When you are riding a bike on hilly rides, you will need more torque. When you ride the bike uphill, it drains the battery at a faster pace. But if you ride the bikes for long on the flat ground, you will need the lesser torque but a big battery. For short hilly rides, you need more power over the battery life.   You can find the battery ranges extending from 30-90 miles tentatively.

The location of the motor also affects how the e-bike is going to be powered and how well balanced and natural your rides are.  You can find them located in either of the two locations:

  • Mid-Drive Motors: They are mounted to the bottom of the bracket
  • Hub-Drive motors: These are mounted on either the front wheel or the rear wheel and are inside the wheel hub.

Electric bike motors which are mid-drive sense your pedaling strength and then few are torque sensors. These sensors analyze then and tell how much electrical assist is needed and then provide that. It makes your ride feel easy.   A key advantage is that these motors are often quieter often compared to the hub-drive motors. As these motors are not integrated into the wheels, you can quickly patch a flat tire. These motors are located at the center which makes the ride stable. They are more battery efficient and are good at climbing hills. These motors will cost you more and are most suitable for mountain bikers, and you can expect a smoother ride from them.

Hub-drive motors can be located on the rear wheel or the front wheel. The rear wheel drive motors send the pedal power straight to rear wheel giving you a feeling of being pushed along. Those that are located on the front-wheel will pull you along like a car. The motors are often cheap and are difficult to be serviced. You will have a tough time removing and re-installing them.  If you don’t want to spend a lot, then you will still find them luring.

3. Motor Wattage

The motors that require more horsepower are better. But then you run the risk of exhausting the battery quickly as they produce high torque and more speed. Then there are less powerful yet efficient motors. You can find the motors ranging from 6-11 pounds.

In the End

Besides paying attention to the features, you need a good battery which offers you a long range. Then you will have to pay attention to pedal-assist levels, integrated lighting, and integrated racks, LCD before you choose the best electric bike motor.

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