4 Tips to Make your Rally Car Stickers Last

rally car stickers

How to care for your rally car stickers? How long does it lasts? These are some of the questions that are often asked and there is no exact life span for the vinyl rally car stickers. The durability varies as per the type, brand, color, application and even by the location. However, the biggest factor in determining the life of your car stickers is actually how you care about it.

Here in this webcast, we have put together some of the important tips to make your rally car stickers last for a considerable period of time

Make use of the right kind of Vinyl

If you get your graphics or the stickers from a reputed studio, then they will have you covered. Such companies use high performance cast vinyl from reputable brands so as to provide the best comfortability at the time of installation, and also with the longest durability rating.

Prepare the Surface of Vehicle

Now this is one of the most crucial steps in the entire installation process. If you have any wax or polish on the car, your vinyl rally car sticker will be sticking to the wax instead of the car. Therefore, you must clean the vehicle surface with a degreaser like liquid dish soap, or by rubbing alcohol s as to remove the wax before you even begin. However, a spray bottle with ½ isopropyl alcohol and ½ water can also be used as a cleaner.

Keep it Clean

Most people are of the opinion that sun is the worst enemy when it comes to vinyl stickers. But the truth is; dirt and pollution fallout present in the air tend to affect the wrap far before the sun becomes a factor. It is true that graphics experience a rougher life in hotter climates. But before sun has any effect on your rally car stickers, pollution and dirt build up can pose a negative effect on your graphics. The best way to avoid this is to simply clean the car, or even wash it regularly.

Wax It

Let us suppose you have a glossy vinyl sticker, you can and should wax it. Waxing over the cut vinyl areas by your hands is recommended so that you do not snag an edge with an air buffer. For this, you can always use your favorite car wax. If you are going with stripes or cut graphics, stick it with a liquid wax that will not give you that ugly white build up on the edges. If we go by either of the ways, both your paint and rally car sticker will thank you for a little extra protection.

Remember, driving through the car washes can prove to be bad for your stickers, as well as your paint. In this case, take your car to a hand car wash, or use the daily 5 minute keeps it clean method. With all the above factors in mind, you can enjoy a couple of extra years of good looking rally car stickers.

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