4 Tips to Self-Publish Your Book

Publish your book

Today, technology has made it exceptionally easy for aspiring authors who are wondering how to self-publish a book. There are many writers who do not have any clue about what exactly it takes to publish your book online. Now, self-publishing platforms offer a cost-effective way to share your book online with masses and make a bit of money off of your writing.

So if you are here and still reading, perhaps you are a writer yourself and you might have published few of your own books. Or might be you are almost at your publishing stage and researching about things to do before releasing your masterpiece. So if that is the case for you, you have already taken the first step as we have come up with essential tips to self-publish a book:


Get Your Book Edited

Remember, professional editing is a must if you are getting your book published. It is a fact that no nook is perfect, but an editorial assistance can help you get a lot closer. There are various kind of edits available, so make sure you know the type of edit you need before you hire a professional editor. Professional editors check your book in order to check for the flow and consistency. Moreover, your editor will also suggest you specific revisions about the language when something doesn’t seem right.


Know for Whom you are Writing for

If you are planning to publish and sell a book, the first step must absolutely be understanding who will read it, as that will tell you about the other aspects of the writing and self-publishing process. A good understanding of your target audience is must if you want to reach the right readers and everything from genre categorization, cover copy, book cover, book description and its design, works altogether to give your book the right appreciation.


Book Cover

Never try to design your own book cover, unless you are already an experienced book cover designer. Your cover is the face of your book, so don’t just skimp on it. If the cover of your book gives a glimpse about your book, you must make sure that your potential readers experience a captivating view, one that precisely showcases the content of your book and ultimately results in a potential sale. Remember, a good cover is more of a marketing tool, so invest in it. So just look around and do some research.


Your Budget

Now the question comes that how much your book is going to cost you. Well, the answer to this varies depending on your writing experience, your personal goals, genre, length of the book and many more reasons. So when it comes to your self-publishing budget, you will need to budget money and time. Here is a list of some of the primary expenses you will need to budget for:

  • Editing
  • Book Design
  • Marketing
  • Printing and Distribution

It is very important to plan ahead and ensure that you have enough money for the entire self-publishing process. If you have to wait to save up money, that is completely fine. It’s completely ok to push your release date instead of rushing through.


Though writing tends to be a lonely activity, but associating or working close with other authors and professionals in the writing industry can fetch you some good perks. In addition to this, mailing lists are incredibly important, in order to achieve a healthy reader-author relationship. If you continue to come up with engaging content for your list, you can easily earn their trust and have an important list of ready-made readers for any books you publish in future. Moreover, following the above tips, you will have a well-written, professionally edited manuscript with an amazing cover. You are all set to jump into the world of publishing, where you can proudly hail yourself an author.

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