5 Features You Should Look For In Your Contact Center

Contact Center

If you are on this page, you perhaps are already aware of the benefits of a contact center. A contact center is a crucial step to customer satisfaction. It comes to rescue you when your business is flooded with endless requests of the clients. A contact center not only prevents your business from losing customers but also make the existing customers loyal. However, have you ever thought if your contact center is efficient enough?

To make sure that you have chosen the right contact center for your business, we have created a list of top features you should look for.

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AI-powered IVR

You must know the power of artificial intelligence. You can use this critical tool to escalate your business through IVR, Interactive Voice Response. An IVR is crucial for any phone support and can be integrated with IVR. With the assistance of tools, like virtual receptionist, automated speech recognition and sentiment analysis, an IVR can help you understand why a customer is calling. It can even identify the emotion they might be feeling. IVR is more than just a robotic voice.


Click to call

Every business aims for smooth and consistent customer experience, and it should align your contact center’s goal. Click-to-call feature bridges the gap between your business and customer’s journey. This feature involves a link or button on your website that directly connects users to contact center through a phone call, VoIP session or SMS conversation.


In-apps support

When you are planning to hire a contact center, you are a potential customer to them. You will need constant updates and assistance of the contact center. So, make sure that they are ready to support you need anytime. Multi-level calls or email trails mar the entire support process. Therefore, choose a contact center which has simple mobile based in-app support. It ensures that you can directly connect to the call agent/manager, select a specific option of the client needs and perform similar things with the contact center.



Though they are not the best big thing, they are not going to extinct, at least for the present time. Chatbots may become the first level of defense for your business, and so you must look at this feature in your contact center. They directly give the caller direct assistance they need. Chatbots armed with AI can be more useful than just an IVR.

They can be used to fulfill a variety of basic support requests, sparing human agents for more complex issues. For example, if your customer needs to check the status of an order, chatbots are more appropriate tools for the task. It also removes the unnecessary burdens from your call agents and managers, like supporting trivial requests of customers.


Dedicated numbers of agents

Even in the era of AI, no one can undervalue personalized customer experience. The call agents of your contact center should be more than just nameless robots. Along with call recording software, there should be dedicated numbers and voicemails for every agent or at least ream of agents so that your customers can receive or feel dedicated support representative. Obviously, it will not suit for an extremely high volume of call agents, but specific teams can leverage the benefits, for a high-value purchase. A personal support representative is capable of elevating the support of a contact center. Dedicated voicemails for every agent enable agents to receive requests for follow-ups till they are on the line.

If you are looking for true functionality while choosing the contact center, you must look for these features.

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