5 Mistakes to Avoid While Making PowerPoint Presentations

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PowerPoint shows have become a norm of in the business presentations. You can make them quickly, and they can be updated easily and help in grabbing the attention of the audience. But they can prove to be a disaster if you don’t pay required attention to it. Avoid these mistakes while making with free power point presentation templates or an expensive one:


Transitions and Effects

The transitions and sound effects can become the focus of attention, and they can distract the audience. However, if the presentation has multiple effects and runs not as it was designed or created, it results in a sluggish presentation which can be a major turn-off. These things hardly enhance the message that you are trying to give. You can create a stunning presentation even without any transition and effects that will entice your audience for long.


Making Use of Clip Art

You should refrain from using standard clip-art that comes along. It shows that you are not serious about using the relevant i mages in the presentation. You need first to make sure that you need images to enhance the message. You can use the scanned photographs and even the better quality graphics from the image providers online.


Templates That Don’t Look Good!

Some templates are available online which you may choose to create your presentation.  But you need to make sure that the template goes well with the content, the audience, the ambiance, etc. for best results. If you choose a template that comes with a distracting background and poor color combination may not produce the desired effect. Instead, it may sound boring and turn the audience away. With free powerpoint templates readily available on the internet you should take your time to research to finalize the best template.


Text Heavy Slides

Presentations are useful for presenting the basic idea and give an overview of things. They are not meant for providing details and reading as well. You should refrain from packing the slides with too much text. Ideally, you should have five lines of text and used minimal words and phrases to make your point. The audience can grasp the key points quickly.


Not Paying Attention to Design

You should close pay attention to the exquisite design details. If you choose a font that the audience finds it difficult to read, you will inevitably invite their ire. You should use the decorative fonts only for slide headers and only if they are easy to understand. Then there are decorative fonts that pose difficulty in reading and are suitable for large headlines at the top of the page. It is a good idea to have dark text on a light background.


In the End

You can create a great looking template with free powerpoint presentation templates if you avoid these basic mistakes.

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