5 Most Effective Free SEO Tools You Should Try

free SEO tools

If you’re a beginner to the world of website building, then you’re probably wondering how to get more people to visit your website. If not, you are probably among the lucky people that have had access to the best SERP tracking methods and is already taking measures to soar higher.

Even though, having to conduct other operations of your business when handling SEO can put a strain on your budget. As luck would have it, this article enlists for you 5 most effective free SEO tools that literary anyone could employ to make SEO efforts smoother and swifter:


Google Webmaster Tools

The Google Webmaster tools provide resources that explain the fundamentals of Google search so that you are able to analyze your site according to how Google search engine sees it, including:

PageSpeed insights – this feature measures the performance of both your desktop and mobile site in terms of speed highlighting the areas that require fixing. According to Google developers. This feature of the tool evaluates how well a page follows common performance best practices and computes a score from 1-100, which ultimately dictates how Google will index your page for ranking.

Fetch as Google tool – this feature allows you to analyze a specific URL as per how Google sees it, which is critical when troubleshooting for poor SEO performance.

Largely, with this tool, find website issues related to duplicate title tags, missing title tags, duplicate meta-descriptions, and missing meta-descriptions, as well as links to your website and indexing reports according to how engines crawl your site.

Tip: Since sitemaps help you easily inform Google and other search engines that you have pages ready to be crawled, you can always use this webmaster tool to get this done, and even consider the Bing Webmaster tools for Bing search engine.


Google Keyword Planner

Knowing the right keywords to target is all-important when priming your web copy. This is the go-to free tool that will let you know what people are searching for, specifically on Google engine. The Google keyword planner offers more than 700 keyword suggestions, and the best part is that the tool includes long-tail keywords in the results.

With such suggestions, it is easier to figure out a relevant topic on which to base your messages on, as well as structure your content in a nature that will present itself as a solution to people’s searches.

Additionally, with this free tool, you can narrow down your keyword results to feature your location, industry, among other specifications. A takeaway tip is, keyword research is really a question of being descriptive as keyword phrases typically describe what you offer so as to befit the needs of your target audience.


Google Analytics

This is the most basic free tool that every website owner should be using, particularly for the fact that it still remains widely used even by experts in digital marketing. Learning to track search queries, traffic sources, referrals, and conversions will make you a veritable analytics expert, which is why you need to embrace the use of this tool.

Google analytics gives you a comprehensive analytic report of the overall performance of your site. The tool sheds light on key analysis areas, that is, real-time analysis especially vital for keeping track of new product launches, audience report to inform on the data dimensions of user demographics, acquisition report analyzing the traffic sources, as well as other reports that hint you on your traffic behavior in regard to conversion rates.


Open Site Explorer

This is a free tool from Moz that allows you to check on your website’s backlinks, displaying them in an extremely clean and comprehensive format. Backlinks, are links that come from other websites and can give you traction and domain authority.

As a freemium link analyzing tool, it is undeniably great for finding out more information on your competitors by comparing your domain authority, page authority, or total links to that of your competitors.



The MozBar is a plugin extension available for Chrome and Firefox, that provides easy to read on-page elements like title tags and meta descriptions as well as link data. Upon installation, the MozBar can show you SEO insights from within Google search results pages and on any particular website, that is a SERP (search engine results page) Overlay extension.

This tool couples up as a competitor analytic tool, so that, if you are curious about a competitor’s on-page SEO strategy, this is a quick and easy way to get a sneak peek into your competitor’s online mindset.

However, there is a paid version that you can always upgrade to once you have a working budget for it, that offers access to advanced metrics.

With these 5 effective free tools, boost your traffic without forking out all your money and remain relevant to your target audience. However, remember that the tools cannot do all the work for you, therefore ensure you keep researching to develop amazing content and provide as much value to your audience as possible.

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