5 Tips To Choose Bicycle for E-Bike Conversion

electric bike conversion kit

So you have an electric bike conversion kit, and now you are looking for a bicycle to fit that in. Here is how you can go about it:

1. Find one at Local Bike Shop

If there is a bicycle shop nearby, then you should tell him what you want regarding feature, style, and size. While they can help you with various models with them, but you will have to find out which one to go for the e-bike conversion. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind. It should have a strong frame with strong dropouts. Steel bikes with steel dropouts are the best for the purpose. Aluminum bikes may serve the purpose, but steel bikes are better when it comes to e-bikes.


2. Brakes Need Your Special Attention

The brakes in a regular bike that you have selected may be useful for slow speed, but they are entirely useless when it comes to an electric bike because the pace is more on these bikes. You can choose between disc brakes as well as rim brakes.

Disc brakes need minor maintenance and can provide the stronger braking force. You can’t change them quickly, and they are usually used on the front rim.

Rim brakes are being used widely on a variety of bikes, and in almost installation, they have proven their competence. In fact, the fastest race bicycles use rim brakes, and you may not have to go for an upgradation. What needs more attention from you are the brake parts and the brake pads.

There are a few bicycles that have disc brake at the front and rim brakes in the rear. And it may be good for e-bike conversion due to following reasons:

  • Stronger disc brakes are needed more on the front wheel as they five better braking performance.
  • In e-bike, rear wheel may have hub-motor so rim breaks may be sufficient

If you have not bought an e-bike conversion kit, then go for one that is ‘disc brake compatible’ to make sure that it works.


3. Suspension Is Not Mandatory

Bikes that come fitted with cheap suspension are worse than those with ‘no-suspension.’ Rear suspension may also limit your capability of installing a battery. If you are buying a bike that is new, then it is better to go with one that doesn’t come with any suspension. It may not be necessary at the start of the conversion, however; you may always go for an upgrade.


4. Don’t Go By Price Alone

Key points to consider while buying a bike is:

  • Strong frame
  • Dropouts that are strong
  • Steel frame.

Cheaper bikes with steel frame are better than the expensive aluminum bike. No matter which bike you choose, if it meets the requirement and you are comfortable will serve the purpose.


In The End

When you have electric bike conversion kit, and you are looking for a new bike, keep these things in mind, and your e-bike will be comfortable and robust as well.

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