6 Helpful Tips Right from Admission Counselors

Ivy League admission counselors

When it comes to prior knowledge of admission and survival in colleges of repute, admission counselors are the best source of right information. They render many services like academic advisory, career guidance, mock interviews, and so on. They also offer many little bits of advice about the college life. Make the best use of the following tips:

1. Keep Things Organized

Once the admission process kicks in, as a student, you have to deal with many things like due dates, meetings, events, and deadlines. To make sure that you miss none of them, it is better to stay organized. You can also make use of a calendar or planner.  But it is not the dates that you have to keep track of. You have to take of the essays, resumes, and other similar samples of work. If you have come in touch with professional contacts, you should save them for future use.

2. Never Postpone Things for Last Moment

Almost everyone has an urge to delay things. If you are facing similar urge, you will have to get over the same and try doing things well in advance. Working in this way, you will be able to stay away from the last moment rush and the stress that comes along. Ivy League admissions counselors suggest that you should create a schedule for working on assignments and the projects. You are more likely to maintain the schedule if you have organized throughout.

3. Every College Has Its Way of Evaluating Application

Many things get in a college application, so how college does weigh it all? Most colleges have their way of evaluating an application. But a general way is to assign a score to each application. They then set a benchmark score to select the most suitable applications. So as a student, you need to make sure that your essay grades, recommendations, and other things are properly presented at the time of the application.

5. Ability to Pay Tuition Fee

As a student, your ability to pay tuition fee may affect the admission. It doesn’t mean that only super-rich may afford a quality education. What it means that the students have to be geared about their education financing options as well.  In fact colleges of repute when they admit students, who can pay the entire fee without loans and grants, actually help them in helping those deserving students that need it.

6. If You Are Interested In a Particular College Show It

Managing admissions is a big responsibility for every college so if you show your interest in a particular school it may be very helpful for college. To this end, you may visit campus, make your application more thoughtful and detailed. In this way, you can showcase how badly you want to attend this college.

Finally, Don’t Get Disheartened If You Don’t Get It

If you can’t get admission to the college of your dreams, there is no need to get disheartened.  You can always seek the help of Ivy League admission counselors, and they will make sure that you get admission in another equally good college.

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