6 ways Artificial Intelligence has Revolutionized Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence revolutionizing almost every industry and continues to evolve with every passing day. Technology is penetrating into the digital marketing tools and procedures now more than ever considering its future potential. And this time AI technology has set its eyes on transforming digital marketing.

Within last few years, Artificial intelligence has assured its presence through several supplementary factors like the Internet of Things, Machine learning, Deep learning, big data etc. These factors will contribute to achieving the true potential of AI. Whereas AI has been integrated into several processes of digital marketing. But right now it is targeting six major points to transform the digital marketing.


1. Integration of Automation systems

You can call most of the operations in digital marketing a smart “guesswork”. This guesswork greatly relies on testing and adjusting several factors in hope of generating revenue. The analytical tools have become more sophisticated and can help to compile loads of data. It let you extract useful information from the collected data without putting much of human effort. Analytic tools have been ingrained with decision-making tools to get a reliable day to day analysis of user interaction, incoming traffic, and conversions. This is where AI comes into play. AI and machine learning have made algorithms so decent that they can track user behavior pattern and their decision-making pattern which can help in generating more traffic and conversions.

The more companies understand user behavior, better will be their strategy to track potential customers’ attention. For example: if someone’s searching about Comcast bundles or looking for the best internet deals then automatically google brain will start showing ads of different internet service providers.


2. Better Customized customer Experience

Ai is providing a groundbreaking role in making the user experience more personalized. The implementation of AI through augmented reality has made online shopping all the more convenient. Augmented reality gives people the experience of actually feeling and seeing the product before making an actual purchase. This not only enhances customer interaction but also help them in taking a decision without physically interacting with the product itself. It makes them take a faster response and in turn bring more revenue to the company.

AI also plays a commendable role in creating customized content management campaigns through data collected by customers. This can also be personalized further for a specific prospect or client.


3. Precise prediction of Customer behavior pattern

AI is more driven by data and analytics which is why it is highly integrated into the decision making processes. With this AI-based data collection and analyzing tools, we can better understand customer interacting pattern which allows us to form customer profiles. Customer profiles are helpful in narrowing down specific markets and head us in the right direction.

In the future, AI enabled computers will be seen in formulating their own marketing strategies over the collected customer behavior patterns for better results and conversions. If AI continues to grow like this computers will be able to make better and precise decisions on their own.


4. Chatbots instead of customer service agents

Chatbots were a major break into the digital marketing industry and automated a great deal. They are the most common implementation of AI and are right now operating at a very basic level. But with the growing advancement soon it will take over humans. Almost all the customer service companies have automated certain areas of their operations with AI.

Facebook is the biggest company that has implemented chatbots for business accounts through Social network’s Messenger app. It facilitates customer service activities for business pages. This feature has made itself an absolute necessity for businesses to improve their service and social media strategy.


5. Voice search and language recognition system

AI has empowered search engines and digital marketing campaigns to handle various types of searches. People are now switching towards the voice searches and its growing exponentially day by day. Different types of search methods can be integrated to attain a personalized result. Whereas speech recognition systems have become so precise and efficient that TechCrunch stated in its report that Microsoft’s voice recognition system has an error rate of only 5.1%.

In order to grow and generate more traffic, digital marketing strategies should be optimized to account the effects of voice searches. This rapid rise of voice searched is transforming the future of Search engine optimization. Include the best practices of voice searched in your digital marketing strategies to keep pace with the growing advancement.


6. Data analysis and integration

AI is a useful tool to gather and analyze the bulk of data. It is also widely used to integrate data sets collected from a different type of software. The more sophisticated AI grow for this purpose the more it will be effective in targeting potential customers through digital customer ad campaigns based on their online behavior.

Statistical analyses have shown that AI can gather and analyze huge datasets in a more complex way in comparison to our current used methods with the use of tools. This helps in probing more dimensions to form a successful marketing campaign.

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