7 Tips to Get the Best Curly Hair

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If you have curly hair, you might have heard from those having straight here lamenting for them. Although it is a compliment having good curly hair is more challenging to get & even more difficult to maintain. If you are looking for a few simple tips which will keep the waves and the curls healthiest and shiny as well, you have come to the right place:


1. Change the Way You Comb

When you have curly hair, you should comb the hair bottom up. In this way, you will be able to detangle each knot. You will not also be compounding them all toward the bottom travel all the way to the bottom.


2. Trim Regularly

Split ends never look good, and they can also make your hair look frizzy. If you want to have healthy curls which look bouncy and fresh, then you should see the best curly hair salon in Brooklyn in every six to eight weeks and get the best trim.


3. Try Mixing the Products

In the product cocktailing, two or more products are put together to meet the specific styling needs. The ones you can try are smoothing serum and mousse then you can also try coconut oil and the styling gel.  They both allow better hold and don’t leave your hair dry and crunchy.


4. Even A Serum Would Do…

If you can’t wait for cocktailing, you should try the serum. It will not only give you smooth curls but also gives them the definition and the serum and the separation as well. You should use three or four pumps at a time. Mix them properly and then gently apply the serum to take them through the curls.


5. Use A Wide-Tooth Comb

Curly hair is fragile, and they tend to break at the curl. You should use a wide-tooth comb most gently to detangle the curls. They do not disrupt the natural curl pattern like the way a brush does.


6. Use Conditioner At The Ends

Is your hair going through a dull phase? Make sure that you do not weigh it down with a lot of product. Use your fingertips to apply a little cream or the oil to your ends to give them extra moisture and the bounce.


7. Use A Diffuser

You should make the best use of the attachments which come with the hairdryer. When you have a diffuser, it minimizes the fizz coming out when the curly hair is naturally dried. It can even help the curl pattern and give a boost to your curls. To make the best use of the diffuser, you should first take the extra moisture of hair just after you have received a shower.


In the End

Make the best use of these tips to maintain the curly hair. You can always take the help of the best curly hair salon Brooklyn to get the best styling.

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