Beautiful Flowers Shows around the World Must to Attend

Epcot Garden Festival

Flowers are one of those natural beauties that always make us amaze with their simplicity and uniqueness. Not all seasons are for flowers, but one in which, there is a flood of flowers. Indeed, it is spring. Around the world, there are certain festivals of flowers during this season. These festivals are one of their own kinds where your eyes will be more than pleased. Here are the ‘must to attend‘flower shows around the world.


1) Canada Blooms Park

‘Canada blooms’ is one of the most recent flower festivals in the world. It started form the year of 1997, in Toronto. But, with its popularity and visitors on the very first year, this festival has entered into the world’s top five flower shows and gardens. The principle aim of the flower show is to reflect the awareness and need of horticulture. The arrangement is to enhance the designs, products and services by both amateur and professional participants. If you are planning to visit this 9 days long festival, be prepared to witness more than 2 lakhs of flower lovers there. They are keener to find out the varieties of ways to decorate the gardens.


2) Epcot Garden Festival

Epcot is a garden where you can get the best topiaries of flower decoration during the festival time. But to enjoy such an amazing event, one needs to get admission to the Epcot theme park. This flower festival is perhaps the only flower festival where you can get to meet visitors from preschools to grandparents. Kids remain busy in their kid zone while the parents and grandparents can attend lectures on better gardening. Not only the lectures, but the nights and evening have attractive music concerts as well.


3) Harrogate Flower Show

Once you have been to this flowers show, your days and months will be longer than usual. But, there is good news as well. Harrogate is the only flower show that is equally sympathetic to its visitor’s impatience. So, Harrogate arranges both a Spring and an Autumn flower show as well. You have to reach at the North England Horticultural Society to attend this beautiful flower show. The best part and the reason why eminent people come to visit this festival is because all of its profits goes to charity. There is a floral art competition as well. Also there is a vegetable competition as well that will give you a light note of laughter and fun.


4) Melbourne International Flower Show

Melbourne is one of the most unique places to arrange the most unique flower show ever. Usually, you attend any flower shows and lectures on plants and gardening is common everywhere. But the exceptional part is, here the professional florists give their free design of flowers workshop. There are some unique events that this festival arranges. Eminent floral fashion design and students live competitions on floral designing are some of them. There is also an ‘Avenue of Achievable’ where you can get free recipe cards mentioning varieties of DIY professional garden designing for free.


5) San Francisco Garden Show

California, especially the Northern part is ideal place for flora vegetation. So, no doubt, San Francisco will hold one of the best flower garden shows. Starting from 1986, this recycling flower show has completed 32 long years of gardening last year. Visitors here get to hear from the professional florists from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.


6) Chelsea Flower Show

Britain is the God-gifted landscape where the numerous varieties of flowers get the optimal conditions to bloom. Chelsea flower show has completed its centennial anniversary quite 5 years back and it is the ancient most flower festival on earth. This is one of the most prestigious flower shows that are the prime place for the royal families from years. This show is a get a chance to see by getting a ticket because the tickets are as limited as expensive.


7) Hampton Court Palace

This is the largest flower festival ever that is reining the field of flowering and gardening since 1990s. If you are a rose lover or you know someone who is then this is the perfect festival to visit. Hampton court palace flower show displays gardens ranging from outstanding to reasonable flowers. Also, this flower show will provide you the best flowering plant material for your house. You can get some online flower shops here as well that sells the best flowers round the world.


8) Singapore Garden Show

Singapore garden show is an annual flower show happens in every year July. Being just a few years old, this garden is gaining reputation as one of the 20 best flower shows around the world.  About 8 years ago in 2011, there were 17 countries that have taken part in it. People around the whole world have displayed their gardens here and more than 3 lakh people appreciated this flower show.


9) Flower Show at India

This is one of the best flower shows that happen in India. In this exhibition you will be lucky to see more than 750 varieties of flowering plants in 13 nurseries with 27 sales counters. This year’s exception is the walk-in drawing competition by kids. If you are interested in green housing, this is the festival you should attend. Send flowers to your beloved from here.


10) Philadelphia Flower

One of the most exclusive design floral shows is hosted by Philadelphia. Every year they come up with a new theme of this floral show.  And it is the only garden that is indoors.

These above flower shows are rare and expensive. But once you be there, you can’t help but to attend these again and again.

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