Buying Cigar for the First Time? Use These Tips!

Acid Cigars

Are you a beginner who wants to try hands-on cigar-smoking? Buying your first cigar can be challenging as there are just too many out there! Use the tips in this post before buying cigars:


Only Go With Tobacconists

There are many advantages of buying from fine tobacconists. You can choose from numerous varieties of cigars including the flavor infused cigars like Acid Cigars. You can rely on the fact that the cigars have been well cared for.  As a beginner, you can also get the guidance as well. Experienced people can help you pick the right cigar, and they can also help you share some cigar tips as well.  If you want to learn about cigars, the local tobacconist may act in the best classroom for you!


Don’t Buy In Bulk

When you are just starting with cigars, you can never be sure of what you like and what you may not. Your preferences of taste may change rather quickly which may lead to a good bunch of cigars that you don’t like. That is why it is better to buy a few at a time. In this way, you can try hands at different tastes, and you will not get stuck with those that you don’t like.


Milder Ones Are Better To Start With

As a newcomer, the full-bodied smokes can be overwhelming may not be too pleasant either. For beginners, it is best to go with mild cigars. They can get you into the cigar smoking, and they also ensure that you are not turned off right at the beginning. Once you have the needed confidence, you can try your hands at harder ones.


Don’t Even Try To Spend Too Much At the Start

You can save a lot of money with just this tip! If you are starting for the first time, there is no need to spend the fortune on buying the most expensive cigars. Many excellent or high-quality cigars are available for less so there is no need to go for anything which is way too expensive. You should stick to those cigars first that don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Once you have found some that you like, you can always upgrade to the most expensive ones later on.


Don’t Stop Exploring

Once you have found the best-tasting cigar, you may stick with the same brand for long. It prevents you from discovering other flavors and aromas.  When you smoke, your palate evolves and those cigars that you don’t like today may be one of the favorites over time.

It makes more sense in being adventurous. When you try many types of the cigars, you will gradually develop your palate and may on your way to find the perfect cigar.


In the End

As a cigar smoker who has just started, you should keep these tips well in mind and keep on growing your palate beyond Acid Cigars as well!

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