Do You Want Your Team To Communicate Real Fast? Read This

business communication app

If you are looking to enhance collaboration & also help your teams connect rather quickly, then a business communication app (like Flock) is meant for you. So what can it do for you? Let’s find out…

You Can Create Teams Easily

If you have many teams and departments, then you can create them easily within the app. You can also organize various documents, conversations, and discussions that frequently exchange hands within the app.

Organize Projects in Channels

You can also organize projects in your business as channels. In each such channel, there may be all or select few members working on the project.  With the help of the channels, you can organize all the work within the workspace.

You Can Start Conversations In Real-time

Your business needs quick responses, and that’s where messaging comes handy.  The main advantage of having a messaging app in the workplace is that it allows your team to have a conversation in real time. It leads to better sharing of ideas, brainstorming over important points in a simple manner. And that’s why you can see better and immediate responses with messaging

In a business communication app, your team can send one to one and group messages as well. As mentioned earlier, you might have many channels running & team member can choose to start group chats within the channel to discuss any issues. Within private channels, you can create small restricted groups for individual projects and easily start a conversation within the group. Within public channel, you can create channels where anyone from the group can join and be a part of the discussion.

 You Can Share Files Easily

You don’t have to write mails and send attachments to share files once you start using the app. For instance, if you are having a conversation with your team member and all of a sudden you are required to share some important data, all you have to do is to attach the file and send it across. There is no need to write a mail, attach the file send and then wait for the response. With file sharing over messaging, you save time!

You Can Make Audio & Video Calls

This feature alone can save you a lot. You don’t have to buy intercoms and video conferencing devices. There is no need to pay STD/ISD bills. All that is history, with VoIP based business communication apps that need nothing more than an internet connection. You can make audio calls to your team from within the app. And if you want to make video calls or make a conference call to your team sitting in another corner of the globe, you can do it within the app. There is no need for any other conferencing equipment.

In The End

If you want better results, go with business communication apps which may help you deliver rather quickly!

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