Growing Business: Why You Need Dedicated Server Hosting?

When you started your entrepreneurial journey, you never knew that you will taste success so early! The shared hosting plans which you went for keeping tight budgets in mind may not be able to perform well with a spate of visitors coming to your site every day.

So, is this a sign that you need to take a fresh look into hosting plan? Yes, if you don’t want to see visitors getting turned away by the slow website or which is unavailable at all. By upgrading the hosting plan, you are better prepared to deal with any kind of traffic spike when your business grows and you start to build a brand.

When Is the Right Time to Upgrade?

Whether you should upgrade immediately or not depends on three signs:

Sign-1: Slow Page Load Speed

Your website was fast but it has started to slow down. It’s a sign that your current hosting plan is not having enough resources to cater to traffic your site is witnessing. Numerous researches suggest that your site should load within 4-seconds at the max. If it takes more time than this, visitors will start to look for other options. When you switch to a dedicated server, it’ll offer the resources so that sites can load as quickly as possible. A dedicated will bring additional storage space and bandwidth as well as a unique IP address.

Sign-2:  Many Domains on a Single Shared Hosting

If you are running multiple domains on a single shared hosting plan, then you will get a sluggish performance. If things continue like this, all your sites could go down as they are competing with each other for resources. When you go for a dedicated server you can manage all your domains rather easily and allocate resources to them more evenly.

Sign-3: Traffic Increased Substantially

When you are getting more traffic on your site, it is good from a business perspective as you are growing. But as the number of visitors on your site, it will need more resources as well. Your shared hosting plan will soon be rendered useless and then you will have to upgrade to dedicated server in India.

What Are Numerous Benefits of Going for Dedicated Server?

If you decide to upgrade to dedicated server hosting, there are many benefits that come along with it. A dedicated server is usually managed by the hosting provider so that you don’t have to worry about it. Key benefits which you will get after upgradation:

Benefit-1: You Will Have Complete Control Over the Server

Unlike shared hosting, a dedicated server will cater to your needs only. It means that your site will not get slowed just because someone else’s website getting high traffic. There will not be a fight for resources. When you have control over the server, it also means that you can customize the setup by changing the functionality.

Benefit-2: Better Loading Speed

The loading speed of the site depends on the bandwidth and data transfer. Then when you go for a dedicated server that offers more RAM, it adds to the loading speed of the site. The higher processing speed also enhances it.

Benefit-3:  Dedicated IPs

Every server has its own IP. When you are with a shared hosting plan, you may be sharing the IP address with many other sites. The neighbor effect of shared hosting may push the rank down even more. With a dedicated server, you can have dedicated IP address. If you are an e-commerce provider, that needs SSL or credit card processing, it becomes all the more important.

Benefit-4: Enhanced Security

With dedicated server hosting, you can remain assured of maximum uptime for your website. Shared hosting can never match the stability and reliability offered by shared hosting. Dedicated hosting allows enhanced security and if you are handling credit card transactions over your site it is indispensable for you!

Benefit-5: Supports Resource Intensive Application

When you start to host downloads or video content, your site will eventually slow down or may stop. But when you upgrade to the dedicated server it can help you to keep the site growing without sacrificing the functionality that you intend to offer. If the traffic on your site has increased and you are offering video content or file downloads, your shared hosting plan may start blacklisting you. With an upgrade to dedicated server hosting, you will have the resources needed by the site to perform optimally.

Benefit-6: Dedicated Customer Support

When you upgrade to customer support, you can expect better tech support from the hosting provider through all the channels. It means you will have some to handle your issues 24X7X365.

In the End

Finding dedicated server hosting in India will hardly take any time and with so many benefits should you wait?

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