Insourcing vs. Outsourcing Consultant: Which is the Right Fit for Your Business

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Every potential employee wants to work at organizations like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple and the list goes on….majorly to see what new techniques or tools they use we don’t know about yet. Similarly, every organization wants to employ highly skilled and talented staffs who can go beyond their expectations. In both the cases, recruitment consultants have a larger part to play.

Let’s think from an organization point of view. If you are an entrepreneur, you would always be wondering whether to insource or outsource recruitment.

How do you decide which is the best fit for you?

Read on to discover why you should (or shouldn’t) outsource your recruiting.

Insource Recruitment

By choosing an insource recruitment agency, you can reap many benefits for your business. The most obvious is that you can monitor the recruitment team, set a deadline to fill the vacancy, and most importantly you can control the entire process and have the confidence of knowing that every step is being handled to company standards.

Don’t get me wrong. Professional headhunters are highly skilled and talented in what they do. Sometimes, they are able to fill many spots with an incoming deadline. It leads to sending the bulk of emails, organizing many interviews, going through a countless number of resumes and shortlisting the right candidates. You can also evaluate the performance and ensure that the candidates are able to do what they are supposed to do. You can diagnose the skills of your HR manager and recruiters.

Outsourcing Recruitment

Wondering what you should go for hiring recruitment consultants? You will be more surprised to know the outsourcing recruitment. Whether you want a domestic or international recruitment consultant in India, it means you are reducing labor costs since you won’t need to hire any extra HR help.

If you are a start-up and want to increase the employee strength, but you don’t have much capital, looking out for a recruitment agency is the best idea. You can find agencies based on their specialization like IT, Digital Marketing, Education, Automobile, Healthcare, Logistics, Internet, Telecom, Electrical, Electronics, FMCG, Finance, Banking, Oil & Gas, Retail, Real Estate, Outsourcing, and Offshoring, etc.

Thus, you can choose a consultant that brings in experience and extensive networks. This will be valuable to your organization. A right recruitment agency has the entire catalog of talent, and you can call on them whenever the positions open.  If you find an agency that specializes in your field, don’t shrink from contacting them to see what can be done for you.

Here are some more benefits of outsourcing:

Simpler process: Finding a company to outsource is an easier process when compared to find a new employee. No need to manage a team, provide training and pay monthly salary.

No downtime: Unless you work with an unprofessional company, you will not meet unscheduled stops like illness, vacation breaks, or scrambling for a replacement on long service leave.

Concentrated expertise: A well-established consultant can recruit experts with deeper experience and broader knowledge. Because they work on many projects, you can easily find one in your field.

No investment in equipment: If the role of an in-house recruiter needs equipment like software or tools, you will be solely responsible for sourcing these tools to them. With an agency, you won’t need to worry about it.


After discussing benefits of insource and outsource recruitment, we come to conclude that small-and-medium-sized businesses should look for an outside firm because of reduced labor costs, hiring the right candidates, accessing wider network, etc. For larger, staying with an in-house team is the better choice.

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