Is Choosing an Electric Bike Kit Over a New e-bike Kit Good for You?

elcykel kit 500w

An electric bike kit is one of the best solutions to convert your bicycle into an e-bike. It allows those who cannot afford a new e-bike. The kit is much more cost-friendly than a new branded electric bike. Even without having much knowledge about converting a bicycle into an e-bike using an e-bike kit, it will take four to five hours to so. Usually, the kit comes with easy to the conversion process. By following the instructions, you can rebuild your e-bike easily.

About the e-bike kit

Since there is a growing demand for e-bike kit (elcykel kit), many companies have started selling them online. The key comes with all essential parts. Though, you may need to use a special tool to disassemble pedal arms and crane bikes on the bicycle. You can buy this kit online.

Depending on your choice, you can find e-bike kit in several options:

You can get a complete e-bike kit that includes all parts. If you wish, you can buy the kit with or without a battery. The kit comes with several battery sizes for mounting in the luggage carrier or battery box on the frame. You can choose the engine power of your choice with special programming as per your needs. Either you can buy elcykel kit 500w or 250w, depending on your preference.

Elcycle kit specifications:

  • A legal road kit is available in 250W and 25km / h by default
  • If you select 1000W mode, it will give you the maximum speed of 50 km / h

Converting your bike to an electric bicycle with this e-bile kit

As said earlier, an electric bike kit is one of the best ways to rebuild your own motorcycle. Since the e-bike is mounted in the crank, it can be more effective and easy to help you while driving than an electric motor which is mounted in the center on the front or rear wheels.

With a well-designed and guaranteed e-bike kit, you are able to rebuild your bicycle or regular bike and make it operate with battery. A battery, brake, charging port and many other accessories are available with the kit. Some kit also includes V-brake, disc brake, and roller brake, etc. Moreover, cables: motor cable and System cable (plug and play design), control unit bag to mount the control unit are also available with the kit.


If you are divorced between choosing a powerful or road-legal eKit, choose the better of two worlds.  A purchase of the more powerful kits comes with its legal consequences. The road-legal kit, on the other hand, means giving up the fun you can have on the terrain. So, depending on your choice, you can choose the e-kit and convert your bicycle into an e-bike. When choosing the kit, consider the rim size. Major rim sizes are 700c, 28tum or 29er. It’s good if your e-bike has double wall alloy rim with reinforced spokes as it can withstand extra pressure.

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