Learn the Art of Digital Marketing by Joining These 7 Facebook Groups

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Too excited for your new business, becoming an entrepreneur and launching your brand? Perhaps you won’t mind rolling a red carpet for your target audience and beating the drum on your own tunes. For online marketing or digital businesses, it is not doable, right? The good news is, now you can do this. Not exactly the red carpet launch and drumming up thing, however, you can make a video of your launch, work, products or whatever you would like to share with your targeted audiences and share it with masses online. Social media has given voice to every individual, capitalizing the human nature which is being heard — people love to be heard. Categorically, on social media, there are innumerable ways to strengthen the power of speech. Playing around these features, you can endorse your brand digitally – without having to make a billboard or sponsoring an event or buying media minutes.

Before 2019 began, Facebook had 2.32 billion monthly active users. By the third quarter of 2012, the Facebook had exceeded the bar of one billion monthly active users, and became officially the first social network ever make this mark. By active users, they count everyone who logged in to Facebook during the last one month span, as per the news report facts I noticed on xfinity starter channels a week ago.

Trends certainly do matter especially while picking up a business nature and taking professional risks. A lot of entrepreneurs who daydream about producing an income through online means without having to fund any capital must grasp as quickly as possible because the moment of prospect is now and here. There is no longer such myth or question of being lucky, however instead it depends on your ability to plan your achievement, wisely and strategically. Nonetheless, we might also reason that we are fortunate these days if compare it to 15 years ago.

About eight years ago, on January 21, 2010, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech, in Washington, DC, where she indicated, “We stand for a single Internet where all of humanity has equal access to knowledge and ideas.” As a matter of fact, when email was launched, which is traditionally known as “Electronic Mail”; it was reflected an essential tool making the exchange of information relatively evidently stress-free all this time in social media’s absence. The social media gradually started ruling the world and the whole thing transformed into the instant virtual world.


Mobile-Monkey Island

With the strength of 10,000 heads in it, Mobile-Monkey Island has a solid online community of marketers interested in Facebook Messenger particularly. The community members in this group talk about building bots, taking names and ways how to maximize engagement through Facebook messenger. They basically focus on finding solutions and ideas on how to utilize Facebook Messenger in the most productive way. And of course, they share their achievements and challenges.


Facebook Ad Hacks

Facebook Ad Hacks is a Facebook group for digital marketers, remote service provider in the industry and owners of digital agency and have all the members from same background. Anyone who needs or looks out for feedback on their ads and ideas on how to increase traffic on their ads. This community is created and run by Cat Howell, who happens to be a founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency which specializes in Facebook. Owing to her expertise, it comes with no surprise that the Facebook Ad Hacks has more than 88,000 people in the group.



This group came into existence in 2011 by Andrea Vahl, who is a recognized and well reputed social media marketing coach and co-author of the book “Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies”. Through joining FBInfluence, you get a chance to link with more than 5000 new business owners who have followed and tried Andrea’s suggested tools and services.


Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets

This group claims to be a one-stop-location for anyone seeking to increase their clients. All the group members are welcome to participate and comment in a diverse range of discussions, starting from recommendation a book on marketing, to running profitable strategies for ads. It has more than 27000 group members who help in providing all the ingredients and tools a newly launched agency would need.



The Facebook group name BAMF stands for Badass Marketers and Founders which is Facebook group made by Josh Fechter for those who want to explore marketing and take it to the new level. The criteria to be in the group is set by Josh in which anyone who lives the life BAMF lifestyle fits the bill. For more understating, you can read Josh’s book called BAMF bible and get into the group.



Russell Brunson, who happens to be the group creator was able to make over and above one million dollars in a matter of one year after graduating from university

For more secret revealing and how he did that, you must join ClickFunnels. Alongside the already existing 188,000 members, anyone who joins this Facebook group can learn various tried and tested techniques on how to endorse and market your products online without allocating humongous amount of budget for marketing.

ClickFunnels originally was launched as a software to assist people with their business growth and build their companies; by now they have a successful Facebook group dedicated for marketers to become a part of their online community #funnelhacker and learn.


Shopify, Ecom & Facebook Ads Community

A Facebook group named Shopify, Econ & Facebook Ads Community is an online opportunity for digital marketers predominantly, to get expert level suggestions from sales and marketing professionals in the industry who are already generating handsome monthly income. This Facebook community has made e-commerce an easy and doable game. The 23,000 community members try to keep everyone on the same page by sharing latest technology related updates with one another.

The tools suggested in this group can be effected straightaway and develop the business traditions.  The group members and experts share visual content too which includes a step-by-step directions for using Facebook analysis software the right way such as Trackify.

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