Should You Choose .co Domain?

register .co domain for startups

You have decided on a particular name, and the most challenging part is this. Which domain extension is most appropriate for the website? “.com” domain extensions are in existence for long, but there are other possibilities as well. In this post we’ll decide on which extension is better and how does it compare:


Few Words about Domain Extension

It is a part of the web address and tells the user where about how to find you on the internet. Almost every internet user is popular and familiar with the “.com” domain. The popularity of the “.com” domain is visible from the fact that the domain name that you might have thought of is already taken. Now how many of you know that there is an extension by the name of “.co” domain. But you can still register the .co domain for startups, and it will work the same way.


Why is this “.co” Domain?

It is an acronym for “company” or “corporation.” The primary reason why it came into existence is that there was a need for a shorter and easy to memorize as well.

Being the most popular domain “.com” extension is widely used, and if your customers don’t know the exact website address, they are going to use “.com” while searching for your web address.  The simple reason is that they might not be aware of this domain.

Initially, some of your customers may find it challenging to use the “.co” domain. Google shows a preference for the “.com” address. That being said, your website in the “.co” domain may rank high but not as high if it were in the .com domain.  Undoubtedly, the domain name extension is better for overall business and marketing because it is more popular. A website with “.com” domain extension is considered as more legitimate amongst the website users, and it is most likely to remain in the memory of the visitors.

But there are numerous disadvantages of “.com” extension as well. With every passing day, it is becoming a challenge to find a unique name that has not been taken. There are so many domain names that are already taken, but the eventual buyer does not have any intention of using the domain name. The domain speculators buy them to sell at higher prices to the domain buyers later on.


Advantages of .co

The “.co” domain extension is the latest additions which many did register .co domain for the startups. If your website audience is tech-savvy, then having a “.co” domain can be helpful.  Furthermore, as the domain extension has just started to gain in popularity, you can easily find the name which you want to keep. If you make the SEO efforts in the right direction, you will be able to rank high in Google searches.


In the End

Well these things in mind, you can quickly register .co domain for startups and the get the results as needed.

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