Want to Choose the Right Online Exam Software? Read This!

Online Test Application

If you are still spending long hours to select and write the questions for term exams and the recruitment tests, then it is time to re-think your ways. Online testing software is instrumental in making decisions about the recruitment, placement and also grading for people. These exams are slowly replacing the traditional approach. These exams are a web-based exam which is conducted through the internet and the intranet as well.  There are various online exam software which are particularly useful for the institutes which are engaged in primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges and other such organizations.

Which Online Exam Platform Should You Choose?

Now the question arises which online exam you should choose? And which are the key features that you should be looking at? It is a difficult thing to do as it depends on a budget of the organization, business requirement, the background and the approach to learning and the training needs. Here are some features that you need to look into:

It Should Be Easy To Access

Accessibility is a crucial concern for major training institutes which conduct mock tests and employment test in their various test centers. The online test application should be easily accessed to the assessor and the assessed. The user should be able to register and easily log-in from just anywhere with only a computer and an internet connection. Many users prefer to retain the traditional look and feel of an exam, so it is essential that the online exam software replicates and creates the real-life exam experience. The online test application should be web-based and on the cloud with no need for downloading and installing any software.

You Should Be Able To Create And Take The Test With Ease

The teachers who are new to the concept of online exam software need explicit instructions to generate and take tests.  Demos and FAQs which define each element of the test creation process should be there on the website of the software. The created with the help of the software should have test variables like the number of questions, sections, total marks, passing marks, time limit and other things which are listed on it. With an eye on the different pattern of the exams, the system should have MCQs, objective questions, skill-based questions, simulation questions and the personality tests which can be integrated into a single assessment.

It Should Be Scalable As Well

The recruiters who are engaged in campus hiring and for the coaching institutes that are involved in test preparation activities, scalability is a big concern. Online testing software should be able to support multiple users in various locations.  The software should not use much of your bandwidth and needs only a computer with active broadband connection. In some cases, a webcam may be required to take the tests. The system should have a robust server structure which can support the scalability and the response time as well.

Should Be Able To Do Away With Cheating

There are times when the test-takers try to cheat their way to success. There are many exams which can’t afford to take the test with high consequences like university entrance exams, employment tests, certification tests and can’t allow even the minutest cheating. So an excellent online testing application should have anti-cheating features to make sure that there is no cheating.

In The End

If you are looking to choose the best online testing software, you need to make sure that it has these desired features.on

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