What Should You Consider Before Buying An E-Bike?

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I am sharing my expense of buying my first e-bike which will give you a fair idea of about the things you should consider before buying one. I am passionate about e-bikes and ride my e-bike daily which I purchased a few months ago almost daily.  My e-bike (not a GTech bike) is a mountain one, and I use it to commute to office almost daily. Although it was not so kind in my pocket, I can now say that it was a great purchase. Here are a few things which I think you should keep in mind while buying a new   e-bike:


1-You Should Be Prepared For Some More

While a regular bike comes at a few hundred dollars in the US, the price of can goes up-to thousand or two thousand dollars here. You can get a good e-bike at USD 1500-2000, but if you want something costly, you should be ready to spend more.


2-How Are You Planning To Use It?

 When I bought my e-bike, I was looking to focus on the health, and I wanted to exercise a bit more.  But you may have your reason to buy one.  Many want an e-mountain bike and don’t want to exhaust themselves.

Once I got the bike, I started to use it for 20 km. Daily. While I like the e-bike that I have but I regret that I don’t have a mountain bike. Had I bought one, it could have taken me to places which are closer to nature.

The point that I want to make here is that I have erred on the multiple cycling terrain options. You will surely not like to buy two bikes unless you are wealthy beyond imagination.

You may be wondering about the difference between the road e-bikes and mountain ones. The downside is that when you are going down the road, you can’t reach top speed as high as a road bike. It has a gear system which is designed for higher speeds on the road.

The mountain bikes are designed for trails and rough terrains. They are studded with fat tires, shocks which are a must have for the regular bikes.


3. Power Kicks In When You Pedal

The electric bicycles don’t have a throttle, and the power assist helps you only when you pedal the bike. But if you don’t the bike is not going to move at all, and it is a big difference between the e-bikes and fully functional bikes.


4. They Are Not Light-Weight

Electric bicycles are not light-weight, and it is the motor assist which keeps the bike moving. As I have always used the bike with the pedal assistance, so it is too heavy and not at all a fun to ride.


5. The Top Speed

While you may be tempted to buy a bike which is the fastest but you will have to keep in mind the regulations about the speed for the e-bikes in the US.  You can buy a bike which touches the highest speed in no time but then will be able to ride and will riding such e-bikes will need an additional license is a big question.


6. What’s The Range Of The Bike?

Another key feature on which you need to pay special attention to is miles that the e-bike can travel in a single charge. You will have to make sure that you can make it to the destination without needing to charge again. I use my e-bike for a to-and-fro ride of 20kms, but the battery is almost exhausted. You may want to consider a bigger battery if the daily round trips are more than this. Better to check than to repent later!


7. You Get A Workout As Well

Just because you have an electric assist, it doesn’t mean that you don’t get a great workout. In any e-bike, you need to peddle, so you get a workout.


8. They Are Fun

I would never ride mountain trails and riding these bikes over the hills are real fun as they take the grueling effort of hills out of the equation. And it is also a great feeling to run down the road smoothly. Riding an e-bike is a sure shot way to get some cardio exercise.


9. Test Different Models

You can try out different models before finally selecting one.  Many find Cycloticity e-bikes better than GTech bikes.


10. Mounted Data Screens Are Good To Have

The display panel allows me to see the speed and thrust level. I suggest you should check what parameter it displays.



No matter which one you select, you have to keep in mind these few things before buying one!

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